Welcome to English Shooting

The home of the English School of Shooting in London.

We are located on the site of the original Royal Hunting Grounds, which were used for hunting by characters such as Elizabeth I, Henry VIII Edward VI and James I and we pride ourselves on being the first port of call for many a shooter; both absolute beginner and seasoned professional.

We have built up a reputation for being a family friendly club that welcome people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, gender and social class and relish the opportunity to introduce clay pigeon shooting to new people every single week!

 Upcoming Events

At the English School of Shooting we have the facilities to cater for everybody’s tastes.

Our London base offers 100 capacity Sporting layout, Skeet and Down the Line. We specialise in creating a unique first time experience for people and as such pride ourselves in ensuring that a varied and challenging sporting layout is laid on each week that suits everybody from first time shooters to seasoned professionals.

Our aim is to make everyone feel welcome at our Club and to embrace both the traditional shooter in tweeds and the young person in trendy gear alike. Please give us a call to have a chat or come down to see for yourself.

Meet Mr Gary James Halls, our Brand Ambassador!

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